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Bridging the Valley of Death through Financial Innovation


Risk and Reward in the Orphan Drug Industry

The Journal of Portfolio Management
Richard Thakor

A Portfolio Approach to Accelerate Therapeutic Innovation in Ovarian Cancer

The Journal of Investment Management
Shomesh Chaudhuri, Katherine Cheng, Shirley Pepke, Sergio Rinaudo, Lynda Roman, and Ryan Spencer

Machine Learning with Statistical Imputation for Predicting Drug Approvals

Harvard Data Science Review
Kien Wei Siah and Chi Heem Wong

Acceleration of rare disease therapeutic development: a case study of AGIL-AADC

Drug Discovery Today
Sonya Das, Samuel Huang

Is the FDA Too Conservative or Too Aggressive?: A Bayesian Decision Analysis of Clinical Trial Design

Journal of Econometrics
Leah Isakov and Vahid Montazerhodjat

New Business Models to Accelerate Innovation in Pediatric Oncology Therapeutics A Review

JAMA Oncology
Sonya Das, Raphael Rousseau, Peter C. Adamson

Patient-centered clinical trials

Drug Discovery Today Volume 23, Issue 2, February 2018, Pages 395-401
Shomesh E. Chaudhuri,  Martin P. Ho, Telba Irony, and Murray Sheldon

Estimation of clinical trial success rates and related parameters

Biostatistics (2018) 00, 00, pp. 1–14
Chi Heem Wong, Kien Wei Siah

Pricing for Survival in the Biopharma Industry: A Case Study of Acthar Gel and Questcor Pharmaceuticals

Journal of Investment Management
Terence C. Burnham and Samuel Huang

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