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Funding Translational Medicine via Public Markets: The Business Development Company

Journal of Investment Management 13(2015), 9–32.
Sandra M. Forman, Monica Shilling, Grace K. Sweeney

Hedge Funds: A Dynamic Industry In Transition

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Mila Getmansky, Peter A. Lee

Financing Translation: Analysis of the NCATS Rare-Diseases Portfolio

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David E. Fagnan, N. Nora Yang, John C. McKew

Macroeconomic Modeling and Financial Stability: Lessons from the Crisis


To Cure Cancer, Provide a Profit Motive

Scientific American Forum
Roger M. Stein

Dealing with Femtorisks in International Relations

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111(2014), 17356–17362.
Aaron Benjamin Frank, Margaret Goud Collins, Simon A. Levin, Andrew W. Lo, Joshua Ramo, Ulf Dieckmann, Victor Kremenyukf, Arkady Kryazhimskiy, JoAnne Linnerooth-Bayer, Ben Ramalingam, J. Stapleton Roy, Donald G. Saari, Stefan Thurner, and Detlof von Winterfeldt

Hedge Fund Beta Replication: A Five-Year Retrospective

Journal of Investment Management 12(2014), 5–18
Peter A. Lee

Financing Drug Discovery for Orphan Diseases

Drug Discovery Today 19 (2014), 533-538
David E. Fagnan, Austin A. Gromatzky, Jose-Maria Fernandez, Roger M. Stein

Wall Street’s Next Bet: Cures for Rare Diseases


New Financing Methods in the Biopharma Industry: A Case Study of Royalty Pharma, Inc.

Journal of Investment Management
Sourya V. Naraharisetti

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