Privacy-Preserving Methods for Sharing Financial Risk Exposures

with Emmanuel A. Abbe and Amir E. Khandani, American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 102 (2012), 65-70.

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A Computational View of Market Efficiency

with Jasmina Hasanhodzic and Emanuele Viola, Quantitative Finance 7, 1043-1050

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Security Trading of Concepts (STOC)

with Ely Dahan, Adlar J. Kim, Tomaso Poggio, and Nicholas T. Chan, Journal of Marketing Research, 48 (2011), 497-517.

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Consumer Credit Risk Models via Machine-Learning Algorithms

with Amir E. Khandani and Adlar J. Kim, Journal of Banking & Finance 34 (2010), 2767-2787.

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Personal Indexes

Journal of Indexes Q3 (2001), 26–35.

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Computational Challenges in Portfolio Management

with Martin Haugh, Computing in Science & Engineering 3 (2001), 54–59.

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Finance: A Selective Survey

Journal of the American Statistical Association 95 (2000), 629-635.

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Foundations of Technical Analysis: Computational Algorithms, Statistical Inference, and Empirical Implementation

with Harry Mamaysky and Jiang Wang, Journal of Finance 55 (2000), 1705–1765.

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Data-Snooping Biases in Financial Analysis

Blending Quantitative and Traditional Equity Analysis, edited by H. Russell Fogler, 1994. Charlottesville, VA: Association for Investment Management and Research

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Data Snooping Biases in Tests of Financial Asset Pricing Models

with Craig MacKinlay, Review of Financial Studies 3 (1990), 431–468.

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